Part 2: Setup Retropie

From GamePi

Time to assemble the basics and launch RetroPie for the first time.


  • Logitech wireless keyboard / mouse combo
  • Pi hut kit (using the mircoUSB to USB and miniHDMI to HDMI)
  • The Pi 0
  • MicroSD with OS on it

after assembling and plugging it in the OS should launch.
The first screen said it was resizing then rebooting
Then the typical Raspberry Pi Debian load up! Success
After a few minutes you will see a Welcome screen asking about gamepads.

At this point we have nothing but a keyboard so configure it as you wish (or read ahead to see what key binds we need)
After setting up the keybinds use the configuration option to setup WiFi.

  1. Goto configuration options
  2. Select the last option in the menu.
  3. This will bring you to a bluescreen old style prompt. Follow the prompts and you should be perfectly fine.

I would screen shot this part , however I do not have a HDMI capture card. so I know there are plenty of tutorials how to do this.
To test if this was successful, you should see Current IP you should be able to connect to this from your main PC.
On windows you can type \\<IPADDRESS> and it should show

Now I'm going to go into the RASPI-CONFIG

  1. Head to Advanced Options (7)
  2. Then using the Expand Filesystem option. This was something you needed to do way back when on older RetroPie's I'm doing it for completeness.
    More then likely we will have to return here for the screen and overclock settings, but for now we are done.
  3. Goto the finish options and say yes to the reboot


After learning about RetroPie 4.2 and SSH was not enabled by default ( previous version did ) I decided to add a few extra steps in this part.

  2. Enter HostName
  3. Enter the name you want to call this device
  4. Now since that is done go to Interface Options
  5. P2 SSH
  6. Hit enter on yes
  7. Hit enter for confirmation
  8. goto finish in the options and say yes to do the reboot