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The purpose of this project is to show how I built a GamePi or a Raspberry Pi zero w in a gameboy shell.
I'm going to provide instructions and screen shows where I can so if someone else looks at this page they can follow the path I've used.

I'm going to straight out admit the information I am using is from various sources across the web.
sudomod, reddit, adafruit, retropie, etc.

My knowledge on hardware stuff at the moment is semi-limited. I know computers well enough however the microcomputer that is Raspberry Pi is
much smaller then I'm use to and I have used a soldering iron in about a decade so I'm really rust (also wasn't awesome to begin with)

I'm generating a parts list as I purchase or use equipment I'll strike out pieces that are not used in the final build, but it is a tally and links
if you wish to purchase the same parts.

Sit back and good luck if you join me in this adventure.